Does iPhone Need More Carriers to Fend off Android?

No doubt the iPhone fanboys will be shouting that this is complete rubbish and that the iPhone is the top smartphone forever and will never fall to the upstart Android platform, but even the iPhone faithful will have to accept that at some point in the future Android is going to take over as number one.

So with this in mind an article over on Tech Blorge, begs the question “ Would Apple be better off to seek bigger numbers by signing up other carriers to sell the iPhone?”

Obviously there is the argument that Android cannot actually catch the iPhone because the iPhone is a device while Android is an operating system, so in as much as Android could catch iOS but not the iPhone.

And according to the article Google doesn’t take into account the Apple iPad when counting up the figures, which also runs the iOS platform and is apparently beating rival Android tablets at a ratio of ten to one.

To be honest the article smacks of iPhone and iOS fanboyism, as one does have to give Android the kudos it deserves, it may well be on a multitude of devices while iOS is confined to just Apple products but that doesn’t make it a less worthy OS as millions of user will attest.

Maybe Apple doesn’t give a fig about all the comparison anyway, but other do as the article points out that the New York Times ran a story about Apple needing to shift their gear via more carriers than AT&T and Verizon.

And why not, what’s wrong with allowing every carrier to offer the iPhone and Apple iPad anyway, good for customers and in the long run would be good for Apple, although I doubt even that would stop the charge of Android.

Basically in the end whether Apple and iOS are at the top or Android it really makes no odds to the customer, iOS fans will continue to purchase Apple gear while Android fans will continue to buy Android.

So what do our readers think about this subject, do you feel Apple should take the iPhone to more carriers to fend off Android or do you think Android will eventually overpower the iPhone and iOS no matter what? Let the iPhone versus Android bloodbath begin.


One thought on “Does iPhone Need More Carriers to Fend off Android?”

  1. joe says:

    "Obviously there is the argument that Android cannot actually catch the iPhone because the iPhone is a device while Android is an operating system, so in as much as Android could catch iOS but not the iPhone"

    You hear this fallacy often. There is a reason that people make a Andriod/Iphone distniction–because if you have an iPhone you run iOS and if you don't you don't (accept for a few hacked phones). So saying Andriod v.s. iPhone in the PHONE ARENA is equivalent to saying Andriod v.s. iOS. Normal users care about the platform, the ecosystem, the experience that these two bring, they really don't care at all that technically one is a phone and the other is an operating system. If you have an Android phone you don't have a iPhone or iOs device, and if you have an iPhone you don't have an Android device–look do I have to draw a Venn Diagram for you?

    You have to love the excuses: "Oh, well Android has 10 companies making phones against one iPhone manufacturer!" Yes and these other manufacturers don't have Apple's power, influence, brand recognition, and ability to turn people in to sheep, so seems to me like Apple has an unfair advantage, but I won't explain it away, I'll just compare the two platforms and see who outsells who in the long-term, that's it. (No, no not who makes the most money as if every cell phone carrier is an investor, we care about the sales.)

    If Apple stays rich, has bigger profit margins than all the other cell companies, sells more iPhones/year compared to the others, with dozens of manufacturers running Android, but Apple only controls 1% of the market, I'm sorry Android is the clear victor in the smartphone wars. For 95% of the people out there, the only thing that matters (if it matters at all) is what do users chose the most (SENSE THESE CHOICES ARE **COMPLETELY DISJOINT**)–Android, iPhone, or other.

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