Is the White iPhone 4 Release Date Close?

Over the past few days there have been several sightings of the presumed dead in the water white iPhone 4 showing up on internal systems, first the device showed up on Rogers Canada, then on Vodafone Germany, and then Best Buy, and now AT&T.

And now even more internal inventory systems are showing the white iPhone 4 as according to an article over on TiPb by Chris Oldroyd, Orange UK and 3 UK are both showing listings for the white iPhone 4, so who will be next?

With so many sightings of the white iPhone 4 surely something must be happening with the much sought after handset which has been rumoured as coming out to play as soon as the 27th of February.

Surely this many carriers wouldn’t get it wrong or make the same mistake, which leads one to believe that Apple is about to release the white iPhone 4 to the public at least in the US of A, Canada and the UK.

Anyone care to pipe in and give their views on all these white iPhone 4 sightings? Do you think the long awaited pale version of Apple’s iconic smartphone will finally come out soon? Or will we all be told it was just one big mistake and the inventories shouldn’t have shown the device like it was all one big nightmare?

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