iPhone 5 & iPad 2 Release Hinted By Production Date

Breaking news has just come in about the production of the new Apple iPhone 5 and the iPad 2, and it is these dates that give us the suggested release dates of each device.

Thanks to Apple Insider by way of China’s Commercial Times (Google Translated) the production on the iPhone 5 is rumoured to start in May and the iPad 2 production is apparently going to start in Feb.

Now if the above is true and not a rumour this tells us that release dates of iPhone 5 in June and the Apple iPad 2 release in April is on track. Foxconn will remain the big guys behind the production with other suppliers such as Pegatron will be involved. Check out the list of suppliers here.

Obviously and as usual please read this as a rumour until official news comes in, we will keep you updated for sure so please keep coming back. If the above news is correct then the hinted production dates suggest correct release dates, well that’s the goal.

Please do comment below, we would love to know what you think. Is the above all good or is it just pure G-estimation.


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