iPhone 5 vs iPad 2: What would you buy?

The Apple iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 is being talked about a lot of late and we thought we would ask you the reader what one you would prefer to buy upon release.

This is why we have called it iPhone 5 vs. iPad 2, we would love to know what one would outsell the other upon your votes. As said the iPhone 5 has been talked and we have published a few articles covering it.

Some of what we have reported: The iPhone 5 has a iOS jailbreak exploit ready and waiting, the iPhone 5 will apparently be a dual-mode GSM and CDMA smartphone NOT LTE, it will launch in February or March 2011, we have even mentioned about its form factor and if it will feature full-face detection.

We have not chatted about the Apple iPad 2 but we know the next installment will be very popular indeed, what will Apple sell more of? Please vote below by clicking the appropriate field.

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5 thoughts on “iPhone 5 vs iPad 2: What would you buy?”

  1. JustMe says:

    They are not on the same category! iPhone is a phone and iPad is a computer tablet! People could go for both (wich you should had on your poll, both of the above) iPhone 5 vs iPad 2?? Its like TV vs Cinema! People use both.

  2. aas says:

    They are releacing a cmda capable iphone4 for verizon at the first of the year the actual iphone 5 will come out in june-july. It is way to early to be releasing a new iOS wich releaces on the date of the new phone.

  3. Stevejob'smom says:

    This article and poll is a joke, as the above comments have pointed out.
    The Iphone 5 will sell more than the Ipad, but that doesn't mean anything. Everybody has a phone, but not everyone buys a tablet. Some people buy both..

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