Robert Burns Poems, Quotes & Songs: iOS App Collection

The Google Doodle today is all about Robert Burns so we decided to find you 7 iOS apps covering Poems, Quotes and Songs. Below we will let you know about each application and then you can pick the one you prefer.

The top seven iOS apps are called: The Works of Robert Burns, Robert Burns eBook, Robert Burns Books, Robert Burns Collection, Robert Burns Works, Robert Burns Quotes and Robert Burns Poems.

The Works of Robert Burns (iTunes) features 558 love songs and poems to enjoy, plus a glossary or terms of the Scottish dialect.

Robert Burns eBook (iTunes) provides the works of Robert Burns and features include the ability to adjust the font size and colour as well as the background colour. This app also gives you night reading mode (dark mode) and highlight mode.

Robert Burns Books (iTunes) is basically the same as Robert Burns eBook with a slight change to the list, this app is for iPad only.

Robert Burns Collection (iTunes) is an app that features most of Robert Burns’ works, this has a lot to offer including Auld Lang Syne, Address to an Illegitimate Child and so much more. This app is recommended.

The other apps such as Robert Burns Works, Robert Burns Quotes and Robert Burns Poems are self-explanatory really, you can enjoy poems such as Auld Lang Syne, A Red, Red Rose, To A Mouse, Tam O’Shanter, and Address To A Haggis.

The apps above can be purchased from free up to £5.49, the free one being The Works of Robert Burns and the most expensive one being Robert Burns Books for the iPad. Please Enjoy.

We would love to know what is your favourite piece of work by Robert Burns, please do send in all your comments below.


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