iPhone 5: How Can Apple Make You Happy?

The new upcoming Apple iPhone 5 is being talked about a lot, especially about specs, features, suppliers and price. The question we would like to ask is “What can Apple do to make you happy?”

The iPhone 4 was expensive when it released last year and that was down to the cost of parts such as retina screen etc, and now that the iPhone 5 will release hopefully this year with many more suppliers of parts can we see the price a little higher than the iPhone 4.

We have already mentioned in our previous article about multiple suppliers such as Foxconn Electronics, Epistar, Gold Circuit Electronics, Foxlink, Unimicron Technology and Compeq Manufacturing, read more over on GizmoCrunch

The iPhone 5 is expected to feature dual-mode chip, more RAM, dual-core Qualcomm A8 processor and much more, apparently the new smartphone will release this summer expected June 6.

A good question was asked over on ‘Examiner’, which is “Will the iPhone 5 be capable of running on both GSM and CDMA?” now if that is the case do customers really need a Verizon iPhone 4, surely they might as well wait for the iPhone 5.

There are a few phones out there named as ‘World Phones’ so surely Apple should release an iPhone capable of both CDMA and GSM capabilities. Please let us know what you think, How Can Apple Make You Happy?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5: How Can Apple Make You Happy?”

  1. rene says:

    apple should stop the drama and release iphone 5 unlock for any carrier, that way they can make more money for apple investor, and stop the agony of many.
    verizon iphone is not exclusive, is no a contract as it was with att, so now is the time, stop the b*/#sh*^&.
    canada is around right there, same in mexico, everybody has iphone 4 unlock, is my consumer money no good. or is apple afraid to stand alone by his product? which one is, ?

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