Verizon Outage 3G Problems: Can They Handle iPhone?

Verizon Wireless seems to be having 3G network outage problems in a few parts of the US, with one of the main areas being Virginia, North Carolina.

Apparently according to Erictric the 3G network is down that is affecting both voice and data services around the Northeast part of United States, Verizon Wireless knows of the issues they are facing and looking into the problem.

Reading more into this we noticed that Huffington Post has published an update stating that a Verizon spokesperson saying that the service has now been restored and the problem was based in Hampton Roads and the surrounding area. Please let us know if you are having issues still or if the service is fine for you.

Verizon is gearing up to release the new Apple iPhone 4 (CDMA) and it makes us wonder if they can handle the customer base that will be joining them to get its hands on the smartphone, we know that there will be millions of new Verizon iPhone subscribers including AT&T customers.

Do you think there will be many outages once Verizon release the iPhone 4?


4 thoughts on “Verizon Outage 3G Problems: Can They Handle iPhone?”

  1. Neal Wms says:

    I live in the Northeastern riegon of North Carolina. No problems with me. Some people had a few complaints of not being able to make a call. Everything is okay now as far as I know!

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