Apple Store Back: No White iPhone 4 or iOS 4.3

Earlier we reported that the Apple Store was down and we was hoping for a new White iPhone 4 and then we thought it could be a site update for the new iOS 4.3.

Well the Apple site is back up and running and with nothing new to report seems a major disappointment, no white iPhone 4 and no new iOS 4.3. So now everyone will be thinking when will the iPhone 4 in white and the iOS 4.3 will release, the operating system will indeed release soon enough but as for the iPhone 4 in white we cannot see this happening.

Well it proves that the source via Twitter is wrong and was not a good source after all, the source had a list showing parts called MC604X/A (16GB) and MC606X/A (32GB) for the White model.

It seems that all eyes are on the Verizon iPhone for now until something new happens on the Apple front, we would love to know if you are waiting more for the Verizon iPhone, White iPhone 4 or are you waiting for the iOS 4.3.

Please use the comments area below and let us know what you are waiting on the most, your comments are important as it lets us know what readers want.


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