Apple Store Down, Possible White iPhone 4 and Redesign: Update

It is that time again for speculations, the Apple Store is down at the moment and rumours suggest that it is something to do with the white iPhone 4 being put onto the system.

Now if you visit MacRumors they report via a Tweet that the Apple Store is down because it has something to do with the delayed / Cancelled white iPhone 4, the tweet over on Twitter shows information about new iPhone parts called MC604X/A (16GB) and MC606X/A (32GB) for the White model, apparently the person who tweeted this got access to the last minute part number list and is normally accurate in their findings.

Many customers have been waiting on the iPhone 4 in white for quite some time now and we all thought that the smartphone in white would never release, we thought it went from delayed to never coming out. This is the bit where we wait and see if it does release, what do you think?

Engadget have just reported an update stating Apple.com is getting a maintenance work out and that the site is getting a redesign with a new navigation bar up top that will look better, the Apple site is still down.

We will let you know when the store is back up; do you think the white iPhone 4 is going to make an appearance on the store?

Update: The Apple Store is back and no White iPhone 4 or iOS 4.3 is showing, so nothing new. Sorry folks, read more here


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