Heywire Android App Combines Facebook, Twitter and SMS

If you love Facebook Chat, Twitter and SMS messaging you will love the new HeyWire Android App that is available as of Wednesday, this app allows you to combine all three together.

HeyWire for Android is new out and is a great social messaging app for mobile devices; thanks to Mashable they have some very good information about what it can give you. Combining Facebook Chat, SMS and Twitter is definitely a great idea in the world of cross-platform messaging.

The HeyWire App for Android allows users to message other users or groups; you can message up to 10 people in the group. You can pull from Facebook chat or your mobile phones address book, you can also send messages to Twitter or another mobile phone.

Basically in a nutshell HeyWire offers free texting after users are given their own dedicated numbers, main features include a home screen widget for easy access and text message alerts via your Android device’s notification bar, other features include a Swype Keyboard message composition.

For more information please visit the official HeyWire website, you can also read the PDF file here.

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