OPM Songs: iPhone Music App Review

The official OPM app for iOS devices has been out for a while and is probably a must have application for any OPM fan who owns an iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad as this app keeps fans up with OPM while they are on the move.

The OPM app for iOS delivers the ability to view the latest videos, read the latest news and blogs, engage with likeminded fans on iLike and Facebook and enables the user to post their concert images right from their device to the OPM fan community.

OPM says…“What do you normally get after a hit of OPM? A huge rush to the head? The one in your trousers of course, a feeling of invincibility or that same old feeling when you wake up next to a crack whore without your pants & wallet, knowing you have definitely been done up the council grittier without any KY whatsoever, I know, the ultimate high we endeavor to look for in everything we do. Well, without resorting to the above or any lubrication whatsoever, I present to you the ultimate high, ‘Golden State Of Mind’”

OPM popular songs include Brighter Side, Better Daze, Stash Up, El Capitan, and Heavn Is A Halfpipe, and for your viewing pleasure we have a video of OPM Heavn In A Halfpipe for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of OPMTV.

The official OPM app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad is a free app available to download from iTunes.

However what we would love is for our readership to submit their personal reviews, opinions of the OPM app or any problems you may have experience and the like to our comments area below.

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