Verizon and AT&T iPhone Ad, The Difference: Video

Not too long ago Apple pushed out the first advert to feature both the Verizon iPhone and the AT&T iPhone in the same footage, something of a landmark, and you can view that particular video by hitting up (here).

However we have for your viewing pleasure today another take on that Verizon and AT&T side-by-side iPhone advert courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog via YouTube user ApplePromos which delivers not quite the same footage as the original.

This humorous take on the first advert to have Verizon and AT&T palling it up as buddies with the iPhone takes it a step further and points out that rather than Apple’s Two is better than one,” this video has “One is better than the other.”

I don’t wish to spoil your viewing so I’ll keep it shut right there and simply let you skip on down to mash that play button and check out a more truthful take on both iPhone networks…enjoy.

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