Samsung Fascinate 2.2 Update For Android Developers Not Public

The Samsung Fascinate 2.2 aka Froyo update has now been released to Android developers but not the public just yet, devs please step forward and tell us all about it.

The official Android 2.2 Froyo software according to Android Central has made it into the hands of some lucky developers for the Samsung Fascinate, can they do good with it is something we would like to know.

If you visit Forums you will see a message there saying that the guys over at IRC are passing around an official leak of 2.2 Froyo for the Fascinate, well this was found via punk kaos Tweet and that prompted punk kaos to message back saying:

“Ok, since JT let it out of the bag already, yes we DO have a Fascinate 2.2 leak. No you can’t have it yet.”

This is great news for those with the Samsung Fascinate smartphone because you should be getting the Android 2.2 Froyo update very soon, please let us know if you are looking forward to the new update.

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9 thoughts on “Samsung Fascinate 2.2 Update For Android Developers Not Public”

  1. Jim says:

    Samsung has been unbelievably slow in getting this update out. After getting a Fascinate in November 2010 I patiently waited and waited for this update, hoping it would help with some of the initial email glitches and other things that plagued the initial release of the Fascinate. Having Bing shoved down the phone's throat was the icing on the cake. Before my 30-day period was up I gave up on Samsung and the Fascinate and returned my phone for my old stand-by, the HTC Incredible. The experience has left me shying away from Korean-based Android-based phones and leaning toward Tawaiin-based Android phones.

  2. Becki says:

    I just got the fascinate, really like it but still in the window for returning it. I underestimated how important flash player is.I’m also considering returning the phone for the droid instead due to not having android 2.2. Hurry up samsung!

  3. jeremy says:

    I am not happy it has taken this long. I dont think i will ever buy another Samsung phone. I mean its alomst to late for them to roll this out. The only why to change my mind would be to roll to 2.3 a month after. But really as soon as a dual core comes out that is not samsung i will leave samsung forever.

  4. Upset says:

    My Father and I both have the Fascinate. I feel like I was conned by Verizon because they assured me the update would be out very soon and didnt tell me that without it I could not move any of my apps to my SD card. I was just talking to my dad who had to call their corporate office for another issue and was told that they were having issues putting the update on the fascinate and at this point they didnt even think they were going to do it anymore!!! Has anyone else heard anything like this? Im really pissed off and feel like I was conned into getting this phone.

  5. pete says:

    I've had the Fascinate since November of last year and every time I hear about the 2.2 update release date moving further and further back the more I wish I held out for Verizon's Iphone 4 release. I thought Samsung's was a good alternative at the time…big mistake!

  6. joe says:

    Why would you want an Iphone instead because 2.2 hasn't been released yet? With Iphone's militant anti-Flash support it would be taking a step backwards.

  7. matt says:

    i COMPLETELY agree about being conned by verizon and being upset about how long its taken, i too bought my fascy in late oct and thought the update would be out soon only to be disappointed. thought about waiting for the iphone but that will be only 3g and not same technology as at and t… right now i think verizon is behind and upsetting customers. they have a good network but crappy phones

  8. R. Girard says:

    I too have been disappointed about not having 2.2. Not only that, but many apps and games are requiring 2.2; so my phone is fast becoming a piece of antiquity (and I just bought in Oct 2010). Maybe Verizon is hoping people will upgrade to get 2.2; they make money that way and a new 2 year contract.

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