iPhone 5, iPad 2 Dual GSM CDMA More Evidence

No doubt everyone who owns a mobile phone knows that if your handset is GSM it can’t run on a CDMA network and visa versa, and now that Apple is in cahoots with both AT&T and Verizon there are rumours that Apple will need to make the iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 2 compatible with both networks.

For quite some time now we’ve been hearing that the iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 2 may sport both GSM and CDMA radios so both devices can play nice on both networks, and according to an article over on Cult of Mac, the evidence of GSM/CDMA radios for Apple’s new devices is mounting.

According to the article it’s looking likely that Apple will opt for Qualcomm’s radio component for future products replacing the current Infineon hardware.

The evidence so far comes via Engadget whose sources say that Qualcomm will be supplying the radio for the Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 5 and now there more evidence has surfaced, this time from jailbreak hacker Zibri, who states that the current build of iTunes shows support for a Qualcomm baseband.

Of course Zibri’s discovery may not be anything to do with the iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 2 gaining GSM and CDMA radios, because as Apple has pushed out the Verizon iPhone naturally the device uses a Qualcomm CDMA radio, so this could be the reason iTunes shows support for the Qualcomm baseband.

Having said that, it does make perfect sense to me for Apple to switch supplier to Qualcomm and feature both GSM and CDMA radios in future products, don’t you agree?

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