White iPhone 4 Release Possible as Paint Problem Fixed

We’ve all heard about the white iPhone 4 turning up in several carrier internal inventories over the past several days, which lead to the assumption that something is going on with the white iPhone 4, which was presumed dead in the water long ago.

Well apparently the white iPhone 4 may well become a reality in the not too distant future as according to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores and by way of Apple Insider, it appears that Apple has solved the paint problems that held up the white version of the iPhone 4 in the first place.

Apparently the latest word according to “people close to Apple’s Far Eastern partners,” Apple has now found a Japanese firm that can make the paint for the white iPhone 4 that meets the high requirements of Apple.

Word is this new paint is easier to work with and can deliver the correct thickness Apple requires so that there hopefully wont be any defects later as previous painting methods resulted in a large quantity of defective units.

So there you have it, if Apple has finally solved the paint problems with the white iPhone 4, perhaps this is the reason those carriers again have the white model showing in their internal systems in anticipation of an Apple launch.

One thing it does show though is that Apple hasn’t abandoned the white iPhone 4 so hopefully the pale version will at some point see release.

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