LG Vortex Commercial Song In Your Eyes Video

These days when a smartphone is released it’s usually followed by a TV commercial and sometimes there is more interest in the song used in the commercial than the actual handset. Lately there seems to be quite a bit of interest in the LG Vortex commercial song.

Apparently many people want to know what the LG Vortex commercial song is called and have been searching Phones Review but have been searching for “In Your Eyes,” and a quick search in Google reveals that the song is in fact called “Eyes” and is by Rogue Wave who is an indie rock, Lo-Fi band that originates from Oakland California according to Wikipedia.

The LG Vortex commercial song, Eyes is also the soundtrack to Just Friends, a romantic comedy released back in November of 2005 and staring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart, so perhaps that’s where people have heard the song before.

So there you have where the Android LG Vortex commercial song comes from, who sings it, and its title, so we hope this information helps our readers out.

We also have that LG Vortex commercial which is called LG Vortex Carousel for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of YouTube user adsocitythailand, and if you wish to learn the lyrics to Eyes we also have a video with lyrics courtesy of YouTube user Lasange123, so check them out and enjoy.

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