Top 8 Best Apple Design Concepts That Should Release

The Apple iPhone 5 is not even real yet considering it has not been announced so why move away from the idea of Apple concepts, there are many great ideas out there that we would class as the best and should be manufactured for release onto the market.

We know concepts are what they are and will never be reality, which is a darn shame really because we all know that these best designs always look better than the released Apple products. Apple come on guys give us something excite, think out of the box for a change.

Anyway, these are the Top 8 Best Apple design concepts that should release:

Number 8: iShow Pico Projector

Here is the Apple iShow Pico Projector, this is a portable projector that would work very well with your iPhone etc that turns on when you spread the two discs apart that then reveals the projector and ports. More info via Yanko Design

Number 7: Apple GameDock

Now the Apple GameDock is something I would personally like sitting next to my iMac, Apple TV etc, the docking system that allows you to dock your iPhone that connect straight to the TV. Not going to say more on this and let the picture talk for itself, for more in-depth information please visit Mac Life.

Number 6: Apple iRing

How about an Apple accessory that you can where as a ring that features Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to connect to your iPhone and control music playback. Main features include: Rechargeable battery life of up to 2 days, OLED status display with touch-sensitive function strip and a docking cradle to house for charging. The designer is Victor Sot and you see more details via Yanko Design.

Number 5: Apple iPhone Needs Some Colour

There is not really any long description needed here to tell you the truth, we have the Apple iPhone that comes in either Black or White via the official store (Well the iPhone 4 only comes in black), but you know what we mean. Well how about the chance for a red or a pink, maybe a green or pastel blue, now this would be the iPhone fashion department. Via iLounge

Number 4: The Ultimate Docking Station

Are you a geek? Well if you are welcome to my club and the sexy ultimate docking station that will house everything at once like the iPhone, iPad etc. The Docking and Storage Base is stunning and will fit under your iMac or PC and features include the main docks at each end so that when docking a larger device like the iPad it does not obstruct you display screen, sync and charge baby. This device also has storage and USB ports. Yaser Alhamyari is the designer and Yanko Design is where you need to be for more pics.

Number 3: iPhone Elite Pro

Do not need to go on about the stunning iPhone Elite or as Gizmodo calls it the Dream iPhone Pro, this is amazing simply because it is a slider phone that will reveal a real QWERTY keyboard. For more information on Mat Brady’s please visit Gizmodo above or Planet Mat.

Number 2: iPhone Air — Thinnovation

This needs no introduction at all other than this concept has been designed based on the Apple Mac Air, it is thin, it is simple and it is just pure class. For more information please head over to iLounge.

Our Number 1: iAcqua2 iPhone Dock Concept

The “iAcqua2 iPhone Dock Concept” is our number 1 iPhone concept that should be made and released, to put it simple it is in a class of its own. Mac Funamizu is the designer of this concept and we think the name ‘Legend’ should be used here, just plug in your Apple device and watch the amazing 3G screen in the glass bottom come to life. Visit Concept-Phones for more information.

Please let us know if you think our number 1 concept design is the right choice, if you prefer one of the other Apple concepts please let us know what one it is and why. If you like concepts please visit the awesome Mashable for their fan made apple product concepts.

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