O2 UK Free WiFi to Double BT Openzone & Cloud

O2 UK is going to offer free WiFi network hotspots to its customers and with launching beginning with 450 location sites it is said to double BT Openzone and The Cloud combined by 2013.

The new Wi-Fi platform service launch offered by O2 will give premium hotspots and will be handled through partnerships with key venue owners that will allow customers to access for free, and the good bit is it does not matter what broadband or mobile provider you are with.

According to The Telegraph users will be able to log on to the new network “seamlessly”, although each web usage in a new venue and will be preceded by a “splash screen” detailing offers provided by O2 and its partners.

O2 say that they will not be offering widespread ‘mesh’ coverage, as they will be focusing on traditional hotspots, instead of replacing 3G mobile networks.

This service will be fantastic as in the future new additions will include restaurants, shops and many other locations across the UK. All the above is very good for the non-O2 customers as this service will be available to them as well.

For more in depth information please visit O2 Press Release, please let us know what you think of the new upcoming service offered by O2 UK.

Source — The Telegraph and The Guardian

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