Apple iPad is Iconic States Latest Advert: Video

For quite some time now the Apple iPhone has been referred to as the iconic iPhone by numerous tech blogs, and it seem that Apple themselves have now grated the same iconic status to their Apple iPad in their latest advert.

Naturally we have that advert for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Slash Gear and by way of Apple Insider and is called “iPad is Iconic,” and lasts the usual 30 seconds for a commercial spot.

Basically Apple have granted iconic status to their Apple iPad due to there being over 60,000 iPad specific apps available in the App Store, several of which are touted in the advert. The blurb accompanying the video on YouTube states…” From Hollywood to the classroom, the iPad now has over 60,000 apps for just about everyone and everything.”

So head on down, punch that play button and check out the Apple iPad commercial, after which we’d love to know if you agree with Apple that the iPad is now iconic…enjoy


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