Orange Mobile France White iPhone 4 Price Is Expensive

The White iPhone 4 appearance keeps happening and now is has shown up on the Orange France website, it seems the white is more expensive than the black.

This is very interesting really to see that Orange has indexed the white iPhone 4 for €319 and like we said above it is has a higher price tag than the €299 for the black version, that means an extra €20 more for a different colour.

This price is based on the iPhone 4 32GB; it is true what 9to5Mac say, “White paint is not cheap”.

Obviously this white version of the Apple smartphone is not available as of yet but it is showing up on the Orange.fr website (Google Translation), which surely means it is coming. Of course we will keep you notified when live and available to purchase. (Join us on Facebook or Twitter for updates)

Please let us know what you think of the above news on the white iPhone 4, would you pay more money for the white or will you stick with the black?


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