Samsung Nexus S May Play Nice On AT&T

Apparently there’s been some rumour that the Samsung built Google Nexus S smartphone just might be making its way to the AT&T network. It may sound strange but apparently there is a variant of the Android device that could play nice on AT&T.

According to the guys over at Pocket Now they did some investigating and have found that a fourth variant of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread sporting Google Nexus S exists that apparently hasn’t shown up on any other databases.

The 3 known variants which have passed the FCC are the first Nexus S the GT-i9020, the GT-i9020T and the GT-i9023. The fourth variant which was apparently revealed by Bluetooth SIG is GT-i9020A.

Apparently the descriptions of these Google Nexus S models on Bluetooth certificates say that all of them are North American variants with the exception of variant GT-i9023 that is reportedly heading for Europe.

Apparently Best Buy says that variant GT-i9020T operates on the T-Mobile USA network and thus the Pocket Now guys believe that the GT-9020A variant is compatible with AT&T going by T standing for T-Mobile and thus A standing for AT&T.

Have to say that presumption based on the last letters is a tad weak, but as there isn’t anything else to go on I guess they could possibly be right, but at this stage of the game naturally there is no word on when an AT&T Nexus S would become available.

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