Verizon iPhone iTunes 10.1.2 Released by Apple

If you are one of the iOS faithful eager to get your little mitts on the Verizon iPhone, you might like to know that you will be required to download a new version of iTunes, which will work with the CDMA iPhone.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, Apple has now made available for download the updated iTunes version 10.1.2, which is available from Apple’s iTunes download page and is for the “CDMA iPhone 4.”

As Apple has stated iTunes 10.1.2 is for the “CDMA iPhone,” and not “Verizon iPhone” one could presume that a CDMA iPhone could possibly come to other CDMA carriers outside the US, although that is just speculation.

Apparently iTunes 10.1.2 delivers some important performance and stability enhancements such as syncing movies, music and more to the CDMA iPhone and the ability to use AirPlay to stream video from iTunes to the Apple TV.

So if you are of a mind to purchase the Verizon iPhone you may wish to update your iTunes ready for when the day comes.

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