Nokia May Possibly Move to Android

Although Nokia is the largest mobile phone maker in the business in the past many have remarked that Nokia needs to move from Symbian to another platform in order to compete in today’s smartphone market, and that may well be on the cards.

According to an article over on Daily Mobile by way of their forums, and the Wall Street Journal, Nokia may be contemplating a switch to another platform, which could end up being Android or even Windows Phone 7.

Apparently after Nokia’s Q4 report at a conference call, Nokia chief exec Stephen Elop, apparently spoke about Nokia needed to change “rapidly” and should consider “multiple ecosystem patterns.” This statement caused investors to believe that Nokia may be gearing up to adopt a new smartphone platform.

According to CSS Insight analyst Geoff Blaber, it was clear that Elop was hinting that either Nokia is considering or has already decided to adopt a new operating system and Blaber commented that the most likely would be Android.

On the option of going with Windows Phone 7 over Android, Blaber says that as Android is much bigger than Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, Nokia switching to the bigger platform is more likely.

So if Nokia was to adopt a new mobile operating system and finally wave goodbye to Symbian, do our readers think Nokia should opt for Android or go with the younger WP7 OS?


7 thoughts on “Nokia May Possibly Move to Android”

  1. Guest says:

    Why enter an already crowded Android market when they can be on the ground floor of the Windows Phone 7 market? The hardware choices for WP7 have been mediocre and a really good Nokia handset would stand out. Microsoft won't give up on this platform and it is bound to grow over time. I don't have a WP7 phone but I have played with one and will definitely consider it for my next phone. I am waiting on the following things:
    1) WP7 on Verizon
    2) The first update released
    3) Some cool new hardare becomes available

  2. ffinder says:

    It's Called STUPID!!

    a Nokia move to windows phone 7..

    ..windows phone 7 is barely 7000 apps and
    a small and frigile markeshare
    due to boring Windows 1.0 like
    user interface called metro..

    But a move towards Android OS is
    elegant, clever and idealistic
    (Android's 230,000 apps and
    market presence similar to iphone)

    Just a Nokia custom Android interface
    that will be standart in all new Nokia cell phones
    unique and beautiful to the eye (eye candy)
    with high quality graphics
    and a touch of 3D
    can make Nokia stand out from
    Samsung and Motorola
    and take over even the US!!

    C'mon Nokia! be clever!



    Wouldn't it be funny if they announce an Android move
    a day after iphone is officially sold on Verizon?!!


  3. Abdul says:

    I believe nokia should chew on their pride a little and think about coming out with something new and special, a kind of a symbian hybrid web OS, they jist nee to explore creative mind, not start running up

    And down from different OS like confused and scared little entrepreneurs.

  4. Senthil P says:

    Nokia should throw away its resistive touch displays and symbian OS..and switch over to capacitive touch in all mobiles and android in its smartphones…then no other can beat nokia…

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