IntoNow iOS Apps Discovers Multitude of TV Shows

There’s a new iOS app been released to the App Store that delivers to the user TV program information and has also been designed as an easy way to connect with friends and chat about the shows they enjoy.

According to an article over on Mashable, the new IntoNow app for the iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad is capable of identifying some 2.6 million broadcasts, which apparently equates to 266 years of video.

Apparently the IntoNow app when selected on your iOS device listens to what the user is watching and within 4 to 12 seconds will let you know the identity of the show, and whether it’s a rebroadcast or live airing and if its on a syndicate or original network.

The IntoNow app for iOS devices delivers information on cast and full episodes and future airings, will give you a notification on when your friends are viewing the same show or episode, the ability to comment on what your friends are viewing in the app via Twitter or Facebook, and also delivers 1-click access to iTunes, IMDb and Netflix.

According to the article, IntoNow uses their own patented SoundPrint audio recognition tech, which identifies adverts from content.

The IntoNow iOS app can be downloaded to the iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 4 and above while the Apple iPad has to run iOS 3.2 or above, and is a free app available from iTunes.

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