Apple iPad has Less Return rate Than Samsung Galaxy Tab

According to a recent survey it appears that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is being returned for whatever reasons more often than its rival tablet the Apple iPad with the Samsung Galaxy Tab having a larger return rate than the Apple iPad return rate of 2%.

According to an article over on Apple Insider by Sam Oliver, Digital Daily is reporting by way of the NY Post, that the Android sporting Samsung Galaxy Tab since its release back in November up until the 15th of January had a return rate of some 16%.

Apparently the figures come via Investment Research firm ITG who researched the Galaxy Tab return rate through 6000 US wireless stores.

According to the figure the return rate for the Samsung Galaxy Tab was 15% in December but increased to 16% after the festive holidays. Apparently ITG also tracked the return rate of the Apple iPad via Verizon stores and found that the iOS device return rate was only 2% since its release.

According to the NY Post, ITG analyst Tony Berkman, has said, “Consumers aren’t in love with the device.”

So it appears that the Android 2.2 Froyo packing Samsung Galaxy Tab isn’t doing as well as expected, although it wasn’t mentioned how many Verizon stores where tracked for Apple iPad returns. So have any of our readers returned their Galaxy tab for some reason, or are you happy with your device?


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  1. Charlie, Brighton says:

    I love my iphone but am really disappointed with the ipad. I wanted to help a local business so went to a shop in Brighton called Cancom and was mis-sold an ipad, when in fact what I should have been sold was an imac. I wanted to use fcp (final cut pro) for editing, and wanted to use the ipad to write scripts for work. My advice to you is to buy from a proper Apple store because if you are sold the wrong product they will take it back within 14 days and you can purchase the one that works for you. Sadly Cancom refused to admit they had given me the wrong advice, and refused to take back the ipad and an extra £500 to buy something that I can use. I now have a completely redundant ipad that is basically like my fantastic iphone except that you can't make phone calls on it! If you want something that looks good to watch movies on or play Angry Birds in large then the ipad is for you.

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