Nokia N8 Price in India and Dubai

The Nokia N8 seems to be very popular for customers in India and Dubai and we know this because everyone wants to know the price, well we will give you a quick insight.

The Nokia N8 is a powerful smartphone offering a 3.5-inch AMOLED LCD touchscreen display with very tough scratch resistant gorilla glass, 12-megapixel camera with optical format image sensor and Carl Zeiss optics plus Xenon flash, Symbian S^3 operating system, video recorder can capture high definition videos at 25 frames per second and 16 GB built-in memory, for more information on specs please visit Forest Lane Shul.

The Nokia N8 price in India is around Rs 24,999 give or take, the price for a pre-paid handset in Dubai is around R3600, which is very cheap indeed according to Nokia N8 Portal.

If you know of any cheaper prices either in India or Dubai please do step forward and let us know as this will help us notify other readers, if you already own the Nokia N8 it would be fantastic of you could send in your personal reviews as well.

Please check out the YouTube video below of the Nokia N8 courtesy of Punto Cellulare.


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