Greenpois0n Untethered jailbreak Includes Surprise

If you own an iPhone and have been patiently waiting for the Greenpois0n untethered jailbreak to drop you just might get something you’ve not been expecting, although just what that may be is somewhat of a mystery at the moment.

According to an article over on iPhone Download Blog they’ve been keeping their eyes out for anything to do with the Greenpois0n jailbreak, which will apparently bring an untethered jailbreak to iOS 4.2.1 and should drop soon.

And apparently the guys have come across a few tweets, which suggest the Greenpois0n untethered jailbreak may come with a surprise, with hacker and Twitter user Jaywalker9988 tweeting…”Man do we have something in store for you guys in the new GP :D.” and followed up with…” @tahu363 Dude, i work on GP haha. I just showed @Nomad145 the surprise.”

In reply, @Nomad145 tweeted…” @Jaywalker9988 wasn’t kidding. The surprise for the newest Green Poison is sick! I love it!”

So it would appear that the new Greenpois0n untethered jailbreak will come carrying something that is being kept a secret, but is there really a surprise or is all this simply Twitter chatter. Any idea just what surprise they could be tweeting about?


28 thoughts on “Greenpois0n Untethered jailbreak Includes Surprise”

  1. Dr. Evil says:

    Surprise? I’d be surprised if they released anything. These guys piss me off. They do a lot of talking and make a lot of promises and deliver nothing. Musclenerd was right about ChronicDev… There full of empty promises. They wouldn’t have greenpois0n if it wasn’t for limera1n. They’re basically taking donations for Geohots work. So they don’t have to add anything big to thrill me. I’d be thrilled if they released anything that didn’t included someones elses code.

      1. neural says:

        geohot found his own jailbreak solution and chronic dev incorporated it into their own jailbreak again, it even says so in the greenpois0n initial release, learn to read "n00b"

  2. Guest says:

    Why bash.. you hate the media for showing you the same shit everyday..forgetting and then coming back about 6 months later? At least the dev team keeps you updates.. the words "coming soon" means months not days and even then its only been what 2-3 months since we heard about it?

  3. I'm getting so impatient i want a GP jailbreak right now! they have been saying soon the past couple weeks. but i think it is good that they are using a hardware exploit rather than a firmware exploit. But Geohot created that hardware exploit !

  4. Janko says:

    I am quite impressed by how well though through their “pr campaign” is. I’ll clarify: they get funds from donations, so the longer they stall, but still keep the public in the edge, the more donations they get. Although I’ll suggest then to change the notice on their website to something like: “please donate, and help us to speed up the jaijbreaking process. The more donations we gather, the more staff we can employ”.

    If you noticed, they cleverly post stuff about jailbreak process every 2 weeks, on the clock. Their tweets really don’t reveal anything substantial, but they build up the suspense.

    clever… Very clever..

  5. Idiots says:

    For all the IDIOTS who say chronic dev team copied geohots limera1n it was only because geo released limera1n just before the dev team was going to release gp with a better boot rom exploit called SHAtter which has now been fixed by apple.

  6. bubb1ez says:

    For those of you who are bad mouthing the team, maybe you should get your facts straight.
    First of all, how do you steal a system exploit/vulnerability…?
    Second of all, Geohot wanted ChronicDev to use the limera1n exploit to preserve the exploit they had for a future device as it has to be hardware fixed. That is why they postponed their release and changed the exploit they used.
    Everyone wants the same thing, a free device. So chill and be thank full and respectful.

  7. dbphotodesign says:

    These guys are a joke and im tired of everyone blogging about how they keep pushing a release date, but they keep missing it. I do not think they have solved the jailbreak yet, or else it would be released, with all of this talk based around it,it is just getting obnoxious in my opinion. If you have the jailbreak, just release the goddamn thing already and stop tweeting stupid garbage hinting you are waiting.
    My apologies for lashing out, the whole situation is just so frustrating, every day I see new posts saying "so and so has just tweeted this and that…he said she said bullshit"…blah blah. Just release the damn thing already. I have much respect for these dues for doing what they do…but I'm getting tired of seeing all of these stupid posts every 5 hours.

  8. Ip0wnN00bs says:

    the reason why it took so long is because apple added new security to all apple devices, if you guys were smart, youd realize that it will get harder and harder to crack the IOS. So chill, and wait.

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