BlackBerry Number One UK Smartphone Vendor

With the might of the iconic iPhone and the multitude of Android devices hitting the mobile space, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry has been having a bit of a time trying to keep up with the Jones’s as it were; however apparently BlackBerry is doing well over here in the United Kingdom.

According to an article over on The Telegraph by Matt Warman, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion have claimed that BlackBerry was the number one smartphone vendor in the UK last year, with BlackBerry apparently outselling all other major smartphone makers, and selling in excess of half a million handsets during December with a market share of 28.9%.

According to figures from GfK for December BlackBerry grabbed a record high 36% of the smartphone market along with being the to pre-pay smartphone for December with market share of 51.1%, and apparently the data refers to customer sales without enterprise and small to medium business sales.

Apparently the UK managing director of RIM, Stephen Bates believes new customers were younger users that opted for BlackBerry because of BlackBerry Messenger along with improved email and web experience.

So it would appear BlackBerry is still holding its own here in the UK although elsewhere BlackBerry doesn’t seem to be holding its own against the onslaught of Android and the iPhone. So is any of our reader’s part of the BlackBerry faithful and prefer RIM devices above all else?

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