Angry Birds Rio Game or Movie Popularity

If you are one of the multitudes of fans that play the multi-platform mobile game Angry Birds, whether on iOS, Symbian, Android or other, you probably know that there is a new Angry Birds game coming out called Angry Birds Rio.

Well the Angry Birds Rio game is based around the new 20th Century Fox movie Rio, but what is Rio the movie about? Well according to the official Rio the Movie website, the film is a comedy adventure set in Rio de Janeiro and revolves around the kidnapping of Blu, a domesticated Macaw who is supposed to be the last of his kind, but Blu and his owner Linda discover another Macaw in Rio called Jewel who is also kidnapped along with Blu by animal smugglers and the adventure begins.

In Rio Jesse Eisenberg plays Blu, Anne Hathaway is Jewel, George Lopez is Rafael, Will.i.am is Pedro and Jamie Fox is Nico and Rio the movie is due release on the 15th of April.

So it would appear that Angry Birds Rio is only associated to the Rio movie and those pesky Angry Birds don’t actually appear in the film as far as I’m aware.

We have already posted a video trailer of the Angry Birds Rio game which can be viewed (here) and we have a trailer of the Rio movie for your viewing pleasure below, so feel free to check it out.

What we would like to know from our readers though is if you are a fan of Angry Birds are you excited about the new Angry Birds Rio game or are you more excited about going to see the movie? Which do you think will become more popular between the two Feel free to post your opinions to our comments area below.

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