O2 Call Me Number Stops Friends International Charges

If you have friends, colleagues or family somewhere across the world and hate very expensive international calls then we think O2 has the answer, welcome to ‘O2 Call Me Number’.

Your contacts will be able to call you in the UK without paying international charges, one of the cheapest bolt-on O2 offers is the £10 per month option and for this users will get 3000 minutes of landline calls to three international numbers, which also adds a Call Me Number.

You can choose numbers across countries that are supported, make sure your country is supported by checking out ‘The List’ on O2’s site. Many will ask what a call me number is, well in brief it means a dedicated phone number from that country that allows friends to call you without the expensive international rates, when they ring the call will go through to your O2 mobile phone in the UK.

O2 Says:

For example, let’s say most of your friends or contacts live in Spain. We can give you a Call Me Number that looks and works the same as a Spanish phone number — give it to your friends over there and they can reach you in the UK without paying international charges.

Call three international numbers for £10 a month
– Pay £10 a month to call three landlines abroad.
– Get 3000 minutes to landlines.
– Choose favourite people in different countries. (But remember to check your countries are available first)
– Get a Call Me Number to give to people in one country. So they can call you without paying international charges

If you are already using the Call Me Number service please do let us know what you think of it, your opinion helps us and other readers decide if it is the right choice. For more information please visit O2 UK


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