BlackBerry Enterprise Email Access Still Wanted By India

It appears that the problems RIM is facing in India over BlackBerry Enterprise email access still continues despite Research In Motion making it quite plain that they can’t give the Indian government access as reported (here).

However, according to an article over on Exchange 4 Media, the Indian government “stands firm” on its deadline of yesterday the 1st of Feb for RIM to give them access to BlackBerry Corporate email. If the ban is implemented it could have a big impact on RIM as their main user base is within the business arena.

As you probably know, India has been continually demanding access to BlackBerry services citing terrorism concerns and earlier Research In Motion gave access to BlackBerry Messenger, but apparently this isn’t enough.

According to an article over on Cnet, the Economic Times is reporting Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram has told reporters… “Just like they [BlackBerry makers] have given a solution to [monitor] messenger service, we will insist that they also give us a solution to enterprise service.”

However, according to the Exchange 4 Media article, sources have said the deadline given by the Indian government could be extended by two weeks to a month.

So if the Indian government is prepared to give RIM another fortnight to a month to comply, then they aren’t actually standing firm on their deadline as reported are they? I mean for India to “stand firm” wouldn’t they need to ban BlackBerry as of right now?

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