Firefox 4 Beta 4 Download for Maemo & Android: Features

The latest news in shows that the new Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 4 is now available to download and this one is a big boy, it has now been released for Maemo and Android and has been classed as faster than ever.

This new release of Firefox 4 will give you much faster start-up and page-load times as well as very responsive panning and zooming, there have been a lot of tests with this new release of Firefox beta 4 and it seems it is good.

There are many features within this new update and we suggest you read the very long release notes that gives you so much more information, the 3 key features with Firefox beta 4 include: Faster than the stock Android browser, Twice as fast on SunSpider and Roughly three times faster on Kraken.

When it comes to advancements within this release you can expect reducing installation memory usage, increasing stability, improving readability with zooming and some keyboard fixes, plus 100 add-ons to customize the features.

If you would like even more information please check out Firefox 4 beta for mobile features in action by watching this video clip, and reading the Mozilla blog.

You can test Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo and you can visit here if you wish to test it on your Nokia Maemo device,

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