iPhone Accessories: Personal Cinematic Hat: Videos

Apparently during MacWorld 2011 a rather strange accessory for the iPhone was demonstrated in as much as the accessory was a hat designed to enable the user to view movies on their iPhone, and of course we have a couple of videos of the accessory for your viewing pleasure below.

The iPhone TV Hat videos come our way courtesy of iPhone Download Blog and by way of Macitynet and YouTube user Bclipprod, the first showcasing the iPhone TV hat at MacWorld while the other is an infomercial.

Personally I have to say that on watching the demonstration video, firstly the hat looks somewhat ridiculous, and secondly it appears that the device seems to be somewhat unbalanced with that extra long cap peak, so much so that the guy can’t take his hand away from the back of his head, which to me would say they need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

In the second video the TV Hat actually doesn’t look too bad when women wear it, however it still looks a tad laughable to me. Apparently the TV Hat for iPhone also incorporates a custom lens that pops down over your iPhone.

The TV Hat for iPhone can be yours for $29.95 plus $7.95 S&H and you also get a free neck protector by hitting up BuyTVHatNow,

So with that said, jump on down, check out the iPhone TV Hat videos, have a laugh, and then feel free to let us know if you are actually considering purchasing the device…enjoy.


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