Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Users Angry at Lack of Android Froyo

I’m not too sure why some smartphone manufacturers experience problems with pushing out Android 2.2 Froyo to their customers, but it appears that some Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and X8 owners are somewhat annoyed with the smartphone maker.

According to an article over on The Inquirer, Sony Ericsson has begun pushing out an update to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone that delivers multi-touch support and language options; however, apparently this multi-touch won’t be available for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini and Xperia X8 owners.

Apparently SE users have been voicing their displeasure at the slowness at which Sony Ericsson has delivered update in the past as apparently some SE device owners are still running Android 2.1 while rival smartphones have moved to Android 2.2 Froyo, and with new devices coming out sporting Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

This makes Sony Ericsson users very unhappy, and the latest update is quite a way from being an Android update and according to the Sony Ericsson Blog who announced the update, several users are voicing their opinions of the update, and some comments have been removed.

One irate individual posted…“What a useless update. We need Froyo, don’t you hear our voice?? If you ignore your customer needs, you’ll lose your market.”

While another commented…“This is crap. Haven’t recieved the first update so I guess the second is out of the qestion. Keep your new xperia I’m headed to Samsung Galaxy asap.”

So if you are a Sony Ericsson Xperia user and wish to vent your anger without Sony Ericsson deleting your comments then feel free to voice your opinions good or bad to our comments area below.


25 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Users Angry at Lack of Android Froyo”

  1. My personal experience of the xperia has on the whole been good, but se updates are a weak point. Waited ages on the 2.1 update and I personally think it is a bit buggy. Having played with my girlfriends new galaxy this weekend it is damn good, ships with better apps too!

  2. Janardhanan says:

    When Xperia X10 and Xperia arc have hardware feature very similar, why can SE cant SE roll out Andriod 2.2 atleast… This smart phone still does not have Flash support and 16M colors… X10 users have spent a huge amount on something which is backdated.. is this what sony gives to its loyal customers..

  3. anon says:

    It truly is a joke that SE aren't releasing any more updates to the Android system, and the benefits that come with such an update, all because they don't think the customer will see an improvement in the phone. This was suppose to be their flagship phone and whilst it is very good (ignoring the low in call volume) isn't up there with the other companies. Looking forward to MWC and seeing what HTC have on offer.

  4. Davy Boy says:

    Ha, Sold my Xperia useless brick and heading for HTC Desire HD.
    SE are getting way too much bad press and its all over Facebook. Bye Bye SE. u useless shower of nothing

  5. mnazax says:

    well if they cant push froyo on x10, i understand. As they are already working on ginger for ARC. I belive with a little tunning 2.3 can also be released for x10. If they are reluctunt just because they want to sale xperia arc. I am afraid they need to revise their sales startegy…….

  6. anon says:

    I say we all flood S.E with phonecalls/emails/visit their site so it crashes on February 20th 2011. Why? Cause we frickin can.
    I will.
    And I need backup.
    Im movin to HTC if they don’t roll it out.

  7. sparkle says:

    i have always brought a sony ericsson mobile phone as the y are a brill make,but i am so now dissapointed if they do not bring out an update 2.2 android for the x10 models,if they dont it makes me think of weather to bother again in buying a sony mobile again.so come on sony keep up with all other mobile updates and phones and roll out the 2.2. update on the x10s please

  8. Santhosh says:

    I am experiencing serious issues with the battery life of my sony ericsson x10. I have heard that Android 2.2 have substantially addressed the battery performances of other users. I am loyal customer of Sony since many years and they have dissappointed me with their outdated operating system. More importantly, we cant even see a article on sony stating that they are working on the upgrade.

    Really dissappointed and have already started thinking of new Androids. Sony, you lost a loyal customer of you since over a decade.

  9. ky_postnewcomment says:

    I've successfully convinced at at least 3 people don't buy any Sony phones since I owned Xperia X10a from AT&T, I hated how Sony & AT&T deal with the Xperia X10 owners. I will keep tell anyone not to buy any Sony phone unless they pushed the Froyo update for my phone..

  10. anitab says:

    im so sick of my slowness after the 2.1 update. my contact pictures are blurry as hell and i have no internet. can anyone help me or is the xperia just screwed?

  11. sayno2samsungtoo says:

    Don't be so fast to hop on the Galaxy S bandwagon. I sit here holding Samsungs "flagship" phone the Epic and it is still running 2.1 with no froyo update in sight! HTC seems to be the best in pushing out not only good hardware, but also in pushing new software updates to its phones. Good luck with SE!

  12. Anne - Bulgaria says:

    I have X8 and as far as know the phone has all the specifiactions required for Froyo. But these M.F. from Sony Ericsson are so dull, interested only in their new ultra expencive Arc!!! It's gonna be released a 2.4 Android soon and all we want is the old 2.2! WTF? Is that something impossible??? Next time I buy a phone, it won't be a SE for sure!!!

  13. seriously, I WISH WE WHO HAS X10,

    in the USA WE ONLY HAVE ANDROID 1.6!!!! HOW CAN WE LIVE!!!!!!!!!

    when SONY ERICSSON ARC comes out!
    SONY seriously needs SOME TYPES OF PROGRAM / DEALS to trade-in our x10!
    maybe for $129 to $169 (USD) << not too bad of a price…


    sony, make my believe…

  14. Girish says:

    This is too bad to hurt sony ericsson loyal customers with out pushing android from 2.1 to 2.2 at least as now every one thinking about GINGER BREAD(ANDROID 2.3) AND HONEY COMB(ANDROID 3.0)

  15. Drew says:

    I suspect the main reason SE isnt keen on making a froyo update is because they want to make sure that the SE arc has a much better android system (android 2.3) so that it sells. They know that not as much people will want to buy the SE arc if they can get the same experience on a SE x10.

  16. Kart says:

    If they think people won't buy SE Xpeia arc..because of the update all I can say tis they live in fools paradise people know that they won't update Xperia arc in the future as their amazing record shows it all. So would go for a Samsung Galaxy 2 with super AMOLED instead of the promoting their Bravia Engine or Radiator or whatever.. They should rmmeber people are buying a mobile phone..which needs to be responsive as a fast comnputer rather than a Television o r a refridgerator… They have tried the same tactics before with Cybershot and Walkman using sony bench mark brandnames..but eventually only failed to Nokias N series and Apple. So Sony keep your arrogance going on and lose your market share. I'm gonna sell your 1GHZ powered brick and buy a Samsung or a google phone or Even an Iphone. You guys have fun with your lousy Sony tag names. Why not try Sony vaio phone with an Android 1.6…
    – A frustrated loyal customer(not anymore)

  17. Guest says:

    If I don't see a Froyo update it will be the last thing I buy from Sony. Never again. Thanks but no-thanks. …and I'll tell whoever wants to hear or not.

  18. Linda says:

    Am furious at the lack of support from Sony. I have an X10 Mini Pro and the out of date software means I can't get flash and other important apps. Even if the 2.2 update comes, I've planned to dump the phone for another handset – Samsung or HTC. And I'll be using Linked-In, Last.fm, Facebook, Twitter and other networks to make sure no-one else I'm connected to ever considers a Sony phone.

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