White iPhone 4 Releasing to UK in March

Remember all those carrier internal systems popping up all over the place showing the white iPhone 4, well they may be right in getting ready for the release of the white iPhone 4, at least over here in the UK if the latest rumour turns out to be true.

According to an article over at Intomobile by Marc Flores, the guys over at Pocket-lint are claiming that one of their sources, unnamed of course, has apparently confirmed that the long awaited white version of the iPhone 4 will land in UK stores “at the end of March.”

Apparently the Pocket-lint guys have been n contact with Vodafone UK who apparently replied that there was “no new light to shed on the subject.”

Recently Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave his opinions as to why the white iPhone 4 had seen such a long delay, and remarked that the device should be shipping soon, as reported (here).

Having said that, rumours of this mystical beast seem to pop up quite regularly and thus far the white iPhone 4 hasn’t materialised, and still no official word from Apple.

So the thing is does anyone really want a white iPhone 4 now? Especially when Apple is expected to push out the iPhone 5 sometime later in the year, which may or may not come in white as well. So will up grab the white iPhone 4 if it finally sees release or are you quite happy to wait for the iPhone 5?

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