Worst Scrapple From The Apple App Store: Tasteless

There are many iPhone apps on the App Store and to be honest really bad ones and it is about time we mentioned a few, so for today we will mention the worst.

Do you love scrapple? You know that tasty mush of pork scraps and trimmings mixed with flour, buckwheat flour, spices and cornmeal also know by the Pennsylvania Dutch name pon haus.

Well there is an iPhone app called “iScrapple” and has been named a must have for scrapple lovers, well we beg to dither on this one because this is the worst Scrapple from the Apple App Store and to be frank is tasteless (No pun intended).

This app allows you to fry your very own virtual scrapple, you can add four pieces at a time and hear the sizzling and popping sounds they make whilst frying, the sounds are recorded from real scrapple being cooked and you can flip the scrapple by shaking the iPhone.

The app also shows frequently asked questions about scrapple, please let us know if you have this app installed and send in your personal reviews about iScrapple. We would show you a video of the app but even YouTube does not have it “Wonder why?” If you fancy the app please visit iTunes

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