Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Causing Problems: Complaints

As everyone is aware you can start the Verizon iPhone pre-order today and many customers have done so only to get problems with the Verizon Wireless site.

According to a few sources such as MacDailyNews and Business Insider customers have been trying to pre-order their Apple iPhone new to the network carrier only to come up against “Sorry, an error has occurred.”

You can even see Twitter complaints coming in as well so the sources are not the only ones with issues, we knew that VZW would get smashed but how bad is it?

If you have tried to pre-order your Verizon iPhone 4 please let us know how you got on, we would love to know if you are having any problems at all or if everything went smoothly.


67 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Causing Problems: Complaints”

  1. eric says:

    I woke up at 3am and have been trying ever since..custoemr service is no help, and they cannot place an order in for you. I was told to "try and try again" until the website is working again…i have to beg them to let me give them $200 for an iphone and even thats not enough for them

    1. Guest says:

      Same here. Bounced around customer service for a good hour, then landed on "try again; our website is just overactive right now." I've been trying for half-hour periods since 2 a.m. CST.

  2. Happy VZW Customer says:

    I connected to the site through the email they sent me. The process was painless and I was done it about 15-20 minutes. Looking forward to my new phone. So far so good.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I am an exsisting Verizon customer and had no real problems ordering the phone. I was however disappointed to find that the phone would be shipped on the 10th and not that I would receive it on the 10th. If I would of known that I would of taken my chances by going to the store on the 10th to purchase it.

  4. Brandon says:

    I woke up at 1:45am Central Time and it was actually available around 1:52, I had no problems with the order; it took less than 5 mins. and I was back in bed.

  5. Unhappy says:

    I was getting preorder error messages. I logged on 2 minutes after 1 a.m. mountain time, and got the error messages for a half hour of repeated attempts. I found a movie and watched it until 3:30 a.m. during which I was trying to get through but only to get the "Sorry, an error has occurred" message. When the movie was over I promptly sent Verizon an angry message and then finally went to sleep. It's difficult to convey how pissed I am that I waited up and wasted my time because I thought Verizon would have their act together for loyal customers.

  6. Ben Tschida says:

    I was waiting around 1251 am MST and i decided to refresh my page and the order now came up it took me about 4 mins to fill out the forms and it was super easy. I received the confirmation email mins after finishing. the only thing im upset with is that it really doesn't say whether i got a phone or not it just says that my order is being processed??? And as for the person that put that the phone wont ship out till the 10th it actually said that the phone would be to us no later then the 10th. I have heard that they should be at our homes on Monday i guess we will see.

  7. amb says:

    I woke up at 3:00am EST to order, and got the "sorry an error has occurred" message repeatedly. I then went to Apple.Com and was able to order without a problem.

    1. Brandon says:

      I ended up ordering via Apple.com with no issues. I got the error message when trying to order through verizon from my Ipad and my laptop using Mozilla and IE. Which I thought it was pretty funny Verizon's count down clock was done in Flash, which if you had an Iphone or Ipad you can't view. I mean seriously shouldn't Verizon consider their products when designing their websites.

    2. truegrit says:

      Tried 12a PST, 3a PST and 8a PST on Verizon site, all getting error message. Tried Apple site 8a PST and had same problem. Used Safari and FoxFire.

      Maybe I should just wait until June and iPhone 5

  8. Chris says:

    My order went through fine. Except when I entered the 3 digit security number on the back of my credit card. It kept adding a 4th digit. No one has been able to tell me what happened, but my order is processing so it should be fine. Verizon also told me that we will have them on the 7th.

  9. Becky says:

    Out of curiosity I clicked on the order site about ten minutes early and found I could order. Using Chrome, with a relatively slow internet speed, I had ordered my phone (the 51st order processed!) and received my email confirmation before the "official" start time.

  10. 123 says:

    9 hours and over 5000 tries and this 12 year verizon business customer with over a dozen lines is very close to canceling all business with the company. Called customer service and they told me nothing they could do. Keep trying website. So very very disappointed in the company.

    1. John says:

      i don't understand why people didn't EXPECT there to be errors. Its not good enough for verizon to provide us with completely reliable service… They also have to be better than human and NEVER have a SINGLE error.

    2. asdf says:

      What do you expect? You have no idea how much traffic they had to handle. When you preorder a phone online that is in very high demand, you need to expect there to be problems. Clearly Apple's site had no problems, try them. VZW was fine for me

  11. Matt says:

    I have been trying since 12:55am MST and still haven't gotten through. Customer service is completely useless. Can't get it on the Apple site because they don't show the correct eligibility for upgrades. I am going to lose my mind over this!

  12. jaynewyork says:

    I was on at 2:55AM, and at the credit card section, there was an issue with the credit card info page. Every time I tabbed, I lost numbers I entered. It would go blank. I tried this 30 times. I think it was the browser. I went to Apple, and the site was so bogged down it wouldn't let me advance. So frustrating.

  13. Ars says:

    After getting the "error" message all morning, I logged out of my account (I am on a family plan), then proceded with the order. After logging out and logging back in with the primary account holders information, it took about 2 minutes to order the phone!

  14. Amber says:

    My husband and I waited up until 1:00 a.m. our time (3 am) and only to get an error message – we have 20 meg internet speed and 5 computers and could not get the link to work that was sent to du. We then at 3:15 EST ordered our iphones directly through Apple with no problem at all.

  15. Richard says:

    I keep getting the error message, tried repeatitively. Then I go to apple.com. No problems until I reach near the end where they say reservations are not availible. Looks like I'll be getting my phone in the store. 🙁

  16. JLB says:

    I've been trying to order all morning. It keeps telling me that my account is past due, even though I am paid in full with a $36 credit. I called Verizon this morning, and they said it is an issue with the billing department. They are trying to fix it, and they said I should keep trying. Maybe I should just wait for the IPhone 5.

  17. Guest says:

    I logged in as a customer to Verizon.com without any problem, and proceeded to order the iPhone with no trouble at all. This was about 10am PST 2/3/11

  18. Randall says:

    I pre order my iPhone with verizon at 3:02 and it went smooth except that I got a error the first time I tried and then it worked. Wish I know when it would really ship.

  19. Tired says:

    Got up at 2:30am kept getting error please try again which I did for 2 hrs finally googles to see what others were saying found I could order from apple.com which took less than 5 min and got the confirm email. Wished I would have done that earlier!

  20. David says:

    I logged on at 12:01 Pacific / 3:01 Eastern and got half way through before the website went into melt down and had to completely start over. I started over and rushed through it as fast as I could and got through it and got confirmation web page around 12:13 AM that said pending credit check. I have been a VZW customer since 1995 so I don't know why it would have been stuck in credit check. I did not get the confirmation email until 2:41 AM saying confirmed. By that time it said it would ship on the 10th?!? I called and Verizon said I made into the 2nd batch so I would not get it before the 10th and I should cancel and go into the store on the 10th to get it sooner. WTF?!? So I called Apple and they said anyone pre-ordering from Apple will get it on the 10th. I called VZW again and they gave me a different story after waiting on hold for a manager to get more information. The manager said that they are having issues because of the load (how did they not know this was going to happen) and that my phone should ship on or by the 7th. So now I have no idea what is going on. There is alot of confusion both internally to Verizon and externally for their customers and they need to fix it fast before it becomes a black eye.

    1. mastana says:

      everyone needs to relax about this iphone and complaining about verizon. when you got 2 millions preorders to take order and package them, label them, and then work out the best shipping plan, all of this takes time. everyone will get their iphone, and give verizon the break, they deserve better, at least we got what we wanted, so what if we have to wait another week. relax and deep breath, just dream few more day.

  21. Carla says:

    Woke up at 3am also, and got the 'invalid shipping address' error. Went back to bed frustrated after an hour of trying to get Verizon support, of which there was none at 3am. This morning, I searched for threads and found that others had problems and tried a different browser. I was on a pc with IE 8 when I had the error on the Billing and Shipping window. I tried a different pc in the house (w/ IE 7) and got no error and was able to order w/o a hitch. The other difference is when I got the error, there were 3 panels to fill in (Billing, Shipping, and Primary User Name and Service Address). When I tried again on the other pc, there were only two panels to fill out: Billling and Shipping. Go figure, but Verizon, you should have been more prepared and offered phone support at 3am.

  22. Have been trying since 3am…no luck. Keep getting error message. Verizon customer service is no help…they even gave me an 800 # that disconnected me after 52 minutes on hold. When I called customer service to complain, they were unapologetic, saying that number doesn't exist. This is the worst display of customer service I've ever seen.

  23. Bruce says:


  24. cris says:

    I logged in at 2:50am ET and was finished by 3:06am ET. The only problems I encountered where that I did not get a confirmation just a "processing" message at the end. The other problem was I wanted to to ship it to my place of business instead of home address and it kept telling me to enter a company name but no field appeared for it. I called customer service in the morning and were able to confirm my order went through.

  25. Florida Girl says:

    I have been trying since 11 AM with no luck at all. Tried going through Verizon and keep getting the error page… and on Apple they "have none available"… Guess I will be sticking with my blackberry a while longer. Never had a problem with it anyway. I'm not going to beg to pay them for a phone.

  26. mtw says:

    I tried getting on from 6:00AM EST to around 11:00AM EST and kept getting the error message. I finally went to Apple's site and had no problems. I had problems with AT&T and switched over to Verizon several years ago. This problem makes Verizon look bad for their exisitng customers.

  27. Art says:

    I woke up at 2:50 AM EST and found that I could begin placing my order. I had it sent by 3:02 AM EST. Got the error page once, and then it went through. It said my order was in a pending state. I waited for the order confirmation email until 3:30 AM EST and went back to bed. I ended up getting the order confirmation email around 4:30 AM EST. I got one for me and one for my wife. Estimated ship date says the 10th. Hope they arrive sooner.

  28. Tim says:

    Ordered mine at 2:50 EST with no problem. Took about 10 mins. Didn't receive the confirmation email until 3:09. I have been going crazy since I placed the order wondering if I actually have a phone or not. My card was not charged until 7:12 PM! I FINALLY just received my shipping and tracking info at 9:48! Supposed to be here on Feb 7!!! WOO HOO!!!!

  29. Sherri says:

    My order experience went very well. Set my alarm clock for 3am, had my order placed within 10 minutes and back to sleep in 5 min. Hope that the statement regarding the ship date is in error – I don't want to wait to receive mine after the 10th went I got up early to pre-order. Oh well….waited this long for Verizon to get the phone, guess I can wait a bit longer.

  30. Justin says:

    I tried starting at 7am and got the standard error message. 13 hours later, and countless ‘standard error messages’ later, the hell with the iPhone. I’m getting another BlackBerry or Droid. If they can’t handle simple website volume, how are they ever going to be able to handle the strain of all the new phones on the network? Trust me, if I could leave Verizon without being raped on the early termination costs, I would. This is crazy. I’ve been a LOYAL, BILL PAYING customer since 2001 and now you tell me I can’t preorder the new phone?

    Over it. Best of luck.

  31. jane eyre says:

    I didn't order until around 1:00 pm EST. It was painless. Though my order status says order "is in process" I have yet to receive an email confirmation, much less a delivery date as others seem to have.

  32. Apoplectic says:

    Ordered at 10AM Israel time/3AM EST – lucky break. HOWEVER, 4 hours later, I got an email cancelling my order – I didn't cancel – I have been waiting for over 1 year for this.. ANyone get an "order cancelled" email? I am furious to say the least.

  33. I tried to order at the workplace but we have an old browser so that may have been the issue. I received an a message, "error on page." Called customer service to get tech support after waitng a half hour, I was disconnected. I used my Droid X to go on the site to order and had no issue.

  34. MKW says:

    I used link from my e-mail to order at 2:20 a.m. central time. It took just a few minutes and the order was placed followed by a confirmation. Received an e-mail today (02/04) to expect delivery on 02/07.

  35. George says:

    Tried to login rom yhe email I got from Verizon and never got past the error message.I have five phones on my verizon account that I have had open for around ten years now. If this is how it works for preferred customers,They really need to work on some things.Thinking about doing without a phone. I made it just fine for 45 yrs without one.I know they will not miss my $180.00 a month but it will make me feel better.

  36. jeremy says:

    I ordered around 255 am eastern and I can now track my package that says it will be here on the 7th…I have an evo and ipod touch but I’m still excited like a kid on Christmas

  37. My order has been shipped through UPS. My friend received his this morning but he said he cant activate it until the 10th. This must be a good way for Verizon and or Apple to hold the launch until the 10th onto Verizon's network.

  38. JESS says:

    my hubby got up at 4am and ordered mine. He didn't have any problems! But I am the type not to buy a brand spanking new phone, I LIKE TO SEE IF OTHER PEOPLE WILL HAVE PROBLEMS WITH IT 1ST, BUT I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO SEE WHEN MY PHONE ARRIVES!

  39. Npoggi says:

    To all of those who were frustrated because they couldn't get their orders through….I got mine to go through on the first try. However, my status now says, there is a problem processing the order & I have to send an email. What's the chances that I will feel as frustrated as the rest of you? Pretty high.

  40. furnone says:

    I stayed up until 3am. I think it was about 2:55 when I clicked on the link and got right through and ordered. It took about 2 minutes. I got an email at 4:43am today (Friday) that it shipped at 9:45 pm last night. I expect it to arrive either tomorrow or Monday.

  41. Chris says:

    It took me a couple of tries to get it ordered early in the release. I received my confirmation within a few minutes. Later in the day I received my cancellation confirmation. Problem is – I didn't cancel. No answers from Verizon on this and now I can't submit another order. Bad form to start.

  42. Strawberry says:

    Well I live on the west coast so they went on sale at midnight. Literally 2 minuteslater I had upgraded my phone, started a new contract and now have one on the way in the mail. 16g. mine was $199. but the other person had traded their phone in and got a $100 credit so they got theirs for half price.

  43. Nigel says:

    My and my wife logged on @ 3:02am 02/03/2011 using separate laptops and VERIZON FIOS ISP. We both were able to complete our orders for the 32GIG version of the VERIZON APPLE IPHONE 4 with accessories with no trouble. We have since received FEDEX tracking . Delivery is scheduled for 02/07/2011 before 3pm.:)

  44. nadia says:

    I was able to preorder right at 3AM with no issues whatsoever. However, I was quite perturbed with FedEx not delivering my phone as they claimed no one was home to deliver to. Me and 4 other VW customers were at FedEx at 8:30PM awaiting the delivery guy. I got it with no problems, but then have had issue transferring my contacts from my Smartphone to the iPhone and now just getting the phone 100% activated. Customer service/tech support have not been very helpful. They have limited information to help and actually are looking up articles and instruction guides over the phone that I could have done. I think Verizon should have been better prepared for the pre-orders, looking at all the complaints here and my personal experience. I was told that customer service and the VW stores didn't even know that we were getting our phones this past Monday. Alot of miscommunication going on….

  45. Jesse says:

    I pre-ordered my Verizon iphone at 2:55 am on the 3rd. Originally my confirmation email said the phone would be shipping on 2/10/2011. Then on 2/4 I received another email from Verizon saying they messed up and the phone would be delivered on or before the 10th. So the past week I have been checking the status of the order and each time it said "there is an error please refer to the email from Verizon". I assumed this was the second email about the incorrect shipping date. However, since I was supposed to have the phone by tomorrow I decided to call Verizon. At first they said my order didn't exist, but eventually found it when I gave them my confirmation number. Turns out my order was still pending and they couldn't give me a reason why. Now I had to re-order it and was told I will be put to the very front of the line, which I thought wasn't too bad maybe I'll get the phone friday instead of thursday. But no, they will try and have it shipped by the 18th. I asked if they could have a store hold one or ship one to me and they replied that was not possible, which doesn't seem right since it's all Verizon. Now after waking up at 2:50 in the morning on Feb 3rd I have to wait until at least Feb. 19th to get the phone. real great customer service, huh? Not to mention the phone I have now shuts itself off whenever I open it, but I guess it's at least another week of having to deal with that.

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