Verizon iPhone Will Be Offered by Best Buy

For the CDMA iPhone eager out there who simply can’t wait to snap up the Verizon iPhone once it is released, Verizon and Apple aren’t the only places to pick up the long awaited device as of the 10th of February.

According to an article over on Best Buy, they have now announced that they too will offer the Verizon iPhone across the US on February the 10th from Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile Specialty stores.

The president of Best Buy, Shawn Score has said…“The iPhone 4 is an important device for Best Buy and we are excited to help Apple and Verizon Wireless bring it to even more consumers. Our customers have come to expect Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores to carry the best selection of mobile phones anywhere, and offering the iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network is our latest effort to deliver on that promise.”

Price wise the Best Buy article states, the iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless retails for $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB with new or qualified upgrade with a 2 year agreement, so looks like Best Buy isn’t going to offer the Verizon iPhone at a lower price point just yet.

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