HTC Desire 2 Hits Vodafone Inventory and Gets Pictured

It would appear that the new HTC Desire 2 smartphone just maybe gearing up for launch in the not too distant future as a new image of the Gingerbread toting smartphone has hit the net waves along with the device being spotted in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system.

According to an article over on Engadget by Michael Gorman, the guys over at Android forums somehow managed to get hold of the HTC Desire 2, which apparently will sport a Super AMOLED display along with Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread OS.

Apparently the HTC Desire 2 is roughly half a centimetre smaller than the HTC Desire, now sports a front facing camera, and it looks like HTC have changed the original HTC Desire tactile buttons for capacitive buttons on the HTC Desire 2.

Other than that there’s not a great deal known spec wise for the device, but no doubt more will be found out especially as Mobile World Congress 2011 is just round the corner.

Also it would appear that Vodafone Germany might be expecting the HTC Desire 2 to become available in the not too distant future as HTC Inside reports the device has found its way onto their inventory system. More on the new smartphone as and when we know.

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