Android Apps Run on Non Android Devices With Alien Dalvik

Every fancied trying out Android apps on your non-Android device? Well apparently you will be able to do just that in the not too distant future once a new mobile technology comes out that enables the use of Android apps on other devices.

The new tech is from Myriad and is called ‘Alien Dalvik’ which builds on Dalvik Turbo and will enable OEMs, app stores and operators to offer Android apps to create new revenue opportunities and will deliver a wider choice of apps to the user.

Apparently Alien Dalvik allows the majority of Android apps to run unmodified, and thus enabling app stores to simple repackage Android package APK files while Alien Dalvik apps show up as native and can be installed onto a device without user disruption.

The chief exec officer of Myriad Group, Simon Wilkinson has said, “The proliferation of Android has been staggering, but there is still room for growth. By extending Android to other platforms, we are opening up the market even further, creating new audiences and revenue opportunities.”

Alien Dalvik will be demoed for the first time during Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona at the Myriad hospitality suite at The Avenue, Stand AV91.

So will we soon be seeing Android apps turn up in the Apple App Store or BlackBerry App World? Would you like Android Apps on your Apple iPad or perhaps BlackBerry smartphone? Do users of other smartphone platforms want access to Android apps? Feel free to let us know your opinions on this matter by dropping us a comment below.

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