Android Dual Screen Kyocera Echo for Sprint Handled on Video

Well Sprint said they would deliver an industry first at their event in New York City, and that’s exactly what they did with the Android based Kyocera Echo dual screen android smartphone. The industry first being two 3.5 inch touch screens that unfold to make a single 4.7 inch display.

And we have a couple of videos of the Sprint Kyocera Echo for your viewing pleasure today; the first is a hands on courtesy of the guys over at Engadget, while the second is a Kyocera Echo promo video courtesy of SprintNow.

Apparently the two 3.5 inch displays are joined via a Kyocera patented liquid metal hinge, runs Android 2.2 Froyo, and sports a 1GHz 2nd generation Snapdragon processor. Of course you can still use the Kyocera Echo as a normal smartphone, or you can even use the device in a “laptop style” configuration.

The Sprint Kyocera Echo apparently comes with 7 core apps which ca be dragged from one screen across to the other or have them on both displays, however 3rd-party apps can’t run in any of these new modes, but apparently they are working on an SDK.

A few specs on the Kyocera Echo, a 5 megapixel rear camera, 720p video, and 3G only so can’t play nice on Sprint’s WiMAX 4G network.

Price and availability wise apparently the Echo will be released sometime in the spring and will command a price tag of $199.99 after a mail in rebate of $100 and of course when signing up for a 2-year agreement.

There you go, all you need to do now is head on down, hit those play buttons and check out some Sprint Kyocera Echo hands on and promo footage, and feel free to let us know if the Kyocera Echo is now on your list of wanted handsets…enjoy.


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  1. My opinion is this: Most people are going to use the secondary display as a keyboard only. The secondary display will be useless in most scenarios. This is a waste, because a physical keyboard would have been sufficient and it wouldn’t take an expensive toll on battery life and overall design size, width, and weight.

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