Apple iPad 2 To Feature NFC, Carbon Body, And 7 Inch Tablet Possibly

Ah the rumour mill never stops when it comes to Apple gear especially as we get closer and closer to that Apple iPad 2 launch, and it is the second generation Apple iPad that gets the rumour attention again with word hitting the net about NFC and a carbon body.

According to the guys over on Techd, the guys over at Ubergizmo are reporting of a rumour that the Apple iPad 2 may sport Near Field Communication along with Radio Frequency ID tech both of which deliver support for mobile payment.

Although the Apple iPad 2 wouldn’t be the first mobile device to pack NFC tech as its been available for some time, but has been very slow in being adopted, but who knows, maybe Apple will turn NFC into the next big thing in the mobile space.

The other rumour is that the Apple iPad 2 will come out to play carrying a carbon body, which apparently is supported by several patents, and would make the iPad 2 more radio friendly along with being lighter than the aluminium Apple iPad which would be a bonus.

Last but not least is the rumour that there is a possibility that Apple just might push out a 7 inch iPad, something that we’ve all heard before but for some reason doesn’t want to go away even though Steve Jobs has said 7 inch tabs aren’t up to the task and let’s face it if Jobs says it’s a no go then it’s a no go.

So although the first two rumours are a possibility I’d personally rule out a 7 inch Apple iPad hitting the public arena anytime in the foreseeable future, but what do our readers think, should Apple deliver a smaller version of the iPad?


One thought on “Apple iPad 2 To Feature NFC, Carbon Body, And 7 Inch Tablet Possibly”

  1. Andy says:

    Must admit that I really want a 7 inch Ipad – I find an Iphone too small to actually do anything meaningful on (good for reading/ browsing stuff but too small for me to type things/ respond to e-mails etc) & yet the 10 inch Ipad is too big to be truly portable for me.

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