Most Hated Jobs: Should I Change Job iPhone App

Some of you may use the term ‘Most Hated Jobs’ when it comes to the jobs you have had in the past and currently still have and that is why we decided to find you an iPhone app to help you decide if you should change jobs.

Should I Change Jobs? This is a question many ask themselves and sometimes can be a very hard question to answer, well not anymore because the “Should I Change Jobs” iOS application will help you if you are being ignored, if you are in a dead end job etc.

If you play Should I Change Jobs app it will help you decide if it is time to move on, this is a decision making app that rates the PROs and CONs of a decision and the probability of each, the input you put in will reveal the answer what you are seeking for.

Once you have included your input you are prompted to hit a button and then it will display are answer, so are you ready to change jobs or will you stay put?

For more information on this 59p app please visit iTunes, if you already have this app installed please do send in your personal reviews.


4 thoughts on “Most Hated Jobs: Should I Change Job iPhone App”

  1. my most hated job was that of a home health aide. Not taking away the importance of elder care,but Lord some of the relatives were savages;nasty in the worst way!! PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE I'M HERE TO CARE FOR AN ELDERLY PERSON ONLY NOT GRANDCHILDREN,NIECES,COUSINS,SISTERS ETC.Anyone out there who has an elder who recieves home care pease keep this in mind in the near furure..Lawn care,shoveling snow,pets,moving furniture,Ihope by now someone gets thegeneral idea .Thanks for letting me get this of my chest,it was choking me.

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