Verizon iPhone Gets Unboxed on Video

Well now here’s some footage that no doubt many have been eager to see, although the CDMA version of the iPhone isn’t quite available just yet, what we do have is an unboxing of the Verizon iPhone for your viewing pleasure below.

The unboxing of the Verizon iPhone comes our way courtesy of Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo who managed to get hold of the much sought after CDMA iPhone and goes through the motions of unwrapping the device in a three and a half minute video.

Apparently when the box was opened there were no heavenly harps or radiant light emitted from the box, no triumphant fanfare at the arrival of the long overdue mystical beast, just the Verizon iPhone within the packaging.

So basically your standard iPhone 4 unboxing footage, which I know you are dying to see anyway, so jump on down and mach that play button and check out the Verizon iPhone in all its glory…enjoy.

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