HTC Wildfire 2 Android Smartphone Mystery: Guess Now

A video that we have provided below is a complete mystery and we like many others is wondering if it is the HTC Wildfire 2 Android smartphone, this is the bit where you guess now.

We found the YouTube video via Wireless Goodness (Watch HTC video commercial below this article); according to Android Central they suggest that it could be the upcoming HTC Wildfire 2, which is a possibility.

The smartphone in the commercial looks like it has a 3.2-inch touchscreen display; love to know if it will be a World Phone with the GSM and CDMA goodness. The phone in the video is not even on the market so what do you think it is?

All we can say is, watch the video below and please do comment below of your guessing power, MWC 2011 is the place to watch to see if this handset will be announced. We will keep you posted of course.

Scroll down a little and watch the video then scroll down a little more after the commercial and place you guess in the comments are provided. Thanks

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