iPhone 5 Could Be Same Design As Verizon Model

Now that the Verizon iPhone is available, it appears that the rumour mill has moved on to the next iPhone expected from Apple later this year, the iPhone 5, and apparently a teardown of the Verizon iPhone may hint at what the iPhone 5 design will look like.

According to an article over on Computer World, an IHS iSuppli analyst, Wayne Lam has intimated that the inside of the Verizon iPhone hints that Apple should be able to recycle its design for the iPhone 5. Lam says…“Apple should be able to retain about 95% of the design of the CDMA iPhone.”

The Verizon iPhone was recently torn down by iSuppli finding that the CDMA iPhone sports a Qualcomm baseband processor rather than an Infineon chip. From this Lam assumes the iPhone 5 will sport both GSM and CDMA.

Lam has said…“The changes required [for a GSM iPhone] are not insignificant. But the CDMA iPhone foretells the feature design of the next iPhone.”

However, apparently the analyst believes that rather than opting for a single iPhone for both GSM and CDMA networks, Apple will continue with two versions. Lam suggests that Apple will retain much of the Verizon iPhone design for the iPhone 5, stating, “Apple’s past history is that it has a very methodical pattern of design, and so is fairly predictable.”

Having said all this, the iPhone design hasn’t changed that much over the years other than with the iPhone 4, so it’s probably safe to say that Apple won’t drastically alter the design for the new iPhone 5, so will no doubt look much the same as the Verizon iPhone…agree or disagree?

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