Google Hiring Nokia Software Engineers

You are probably aware by now that Nokia has chosen to partner Microsoft to bring the Windows Phone 7 platform to Nokia smartphones, which apparently will mean Nokia employee job losses as apparently Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has confirmed.

But fear not potential ex-Nokia employees, as Android maker Google has apparently stepped into the breach to offer dismissed Nokia software engineers a new job.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, Aidan Biggins, Google EMEA recruiter has announced via his Twitter account…”Any Nokia software engineers need a job? We’re hiring: www.google.com/jobs”

So Nokia engineers, all is not as bleak as you may have though, if you can no longer work on Symbian, Meego or even Windows Phone 7, you just might be able to work on Android.

Apparently Nokia hasn’t stated just how many employees will get the order of the boot, but it is expected to be a worldwide shed of workers.

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