Verizon iPhone In-Depth Review Video

Well the mythical beast that was known as the Verizon iPhone has finally made it into the public arena, but basically other than being a CDMA iPhone, the Verizon version is the same as the AT&T iPhone; however as with all things Apple it has to receive a review.

So the guys over at Phone Arena have stepped up to the mark and come up with an in-depth visual review of the Verizion iPhone, which lasts a nice sixteen minutes and comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog.

Design wise the Verizon iPhone is almost a replica of the AT&T model other than the antenna gaps being repositioned and the vibrate switch has been moved up a tad. Not sure if Verizon customers where expecting a redesigned iPhone especially for Verizon but there you go.

If you have time the in-dept 5 page Verizon iPhone review can be read to the full over at Phone Arena but if you don’t have that time, you can check out the video review by jumping down below and mashing the play button…enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone In-Depth Review Video”

  1. Not Satisfied says:

    HORRIBLE! Your review is as if no one ever seen an iPhone 4 before! It's the same fucking thing as the AT&T! All we want to know is if the carrier is better! WORST review I've ever seen!

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