Apple iPad 3 Could Release This Fall

Not satisfied with all the speculation surrounding the release of the Apple iPad 2 or perhaps the rumours on the iPhone 5, or how about that cheap mini iPhone rumour, then how about the latest rumour concerning what is being called the Apple iPad 3.

Yep the iPad after the Apple iPad 2, according to an article over on Topnews, an article over on Techcrunch claims that the third generation Apple iPad could see launch as early as this Fall, that’s Autumn for us Brits.

Apparently the speculation of a Fall Apple iPad 3 began with John Gruber of Daring Fireball posting he has access to “authentic sources” within Apple, and thus speculated that it was possible that Apple could introduce the Apple iPad 3 come this Fall.

However, the article does say that experts see Gruber’s speculation as indicating towards a higher end iPad such as an Apple iPad Pro or Apple iPad 2.5 which wouldn’t replace the Apple iPad 2.

When all’s said and done, it is somewhat early to be speculation on a new Apple tablet, especially as we haven’t seen the Apple iPad 2 yet, and I’m not too sure why Apple would want to produce a 2.5 or pro version anyway.

Do our readers have any views on whether the third generation iPad will be seen later in the year, or do you feel that will be simply left to the iPhone 5?


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