New Cheaper Mini iPhone In The Works to Combat Android

So now that the kafuffle over the release of the Verizon iPhone is out of the way, there is still rmours floating around concerning the iPhone 5 and of course the Apple iPad 2, however it appears another rumour has now entered the mix.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marin Perez, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper version of the iconic iPhone, a mini iPhone to combat the advance of Android, according to people “briefed on the plans.”

Apparently the unnamed source has seen the prototype mini iPhone although it is possible that the plans could still be scrapped, but apparently Apple is looking to offer this supposed mini version of their iPhone as roughly $200 without contract.

So would people snap up a smaller version of the iPhone at a much lower price? I figure it would of course depend on just how much smaller the device was and if it still offered the same features as the iPhone 4. Having said that, with the iPhone 5 expected to make an appearance later in the year would anyone opt for a cheaper, smaller iPhone?


3 thoughts on “New Cheaper Mini iPhone In The Works to Combat Android”

  1. Runey says:

    Plenty of people will go for a smaller iPhone even if its not as full featured. If you primarily use your phone as a phone then the iPhone really is waaay oversized. So something smaller with the key smart phone features should get snapped up.

    Personally I'll be sticking with the full sized version. I hardly ever use it as a phone. It's my PDA 🙂

  2. Gregg says:

    Been rwaiting for a pocket frendly Iphone since the first IPone hit the market. Lets hope its dust and water resistant and surviveable in a pocket full of grit, grime and tools

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